Thoughts on … Purpose

Simon Sinek has said it well, and simply: “start with why” and “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. Yes, purpose matters, has always mattered, but now, it matters a lot more. Why?

In the West, we are fast losing confidence in many of our institutions. The church was first to go, followed by educational institutions that failed to secure employability. Terrorism has shaken confidence in the sanctity of borders and the rules of war. We have privatized profit and socialized debt and the business institutions and political leaders that engineered this mess, have lost our trust.

Yet the human spirit yearns for meaning that transcends the mere transaction or personal acquisition. But who will give us such meaningful Purpose again? In our businesses, we seek a shared ambition in which our compelling social character is expressed. It is the “We” in us all that longs for Purpose that transcends individual transaction and delivers meaning. This should become the calling of every business enterprise.

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