Brief musings to help you think about business, change, and leadership.

Thoughts on … Culture

From the beginnings of human social order, there have been rules to guide conduct. People, defined by their laws, are distinct from another people. So it is in businesses.

Thoughts on … Purpose

Simon Sinek has said it well, and simply: "start with why" and "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it". Yes, purpose matters, has always mattered, but now, it matters a lot more. Why?

Thoughts on … Brand

From the first hot metal searing cattle hides to the sophisticated digitally-fueled communications of today, brands speak claim to identity.

Thoughts on … Authentic Organizations

We are hearing this word "authentic" more and more. In recent discussions with the truth-demanding under-35s, the millenials, I hear an insistent demand for authenticity - to be what you really are.

Thoughts on … Leaders

Leaders are people with one essential characteristic - followers. They are known not by their status, or their skills or by even their noble intention, but by their fruit. Leaders do not exist without followers.

Thoughts on … Boards

It is said of a Board that its first priority is to the organization - whether corporation or other form. And if so, beyond mere "shareholders", the Board's first priority is to hold the space for the Purpose.

Thoughts on … Integrity

Numerous characteristics of leaders have been selected as central to the role of leadership. We choose to work with leaders who have embraced two, in particular; personal integrity and courage.

Thoughts on… Leadership

We have often observed and validated that “as go the leaders, so goes the change… or not”. We start from a conviction that leaders are not heroes but real ordinary people, often with extra-ordinary gifts, who must first live out in themselves the changes and growth that they seek for their organization.