We focus ourselves and our expertise in four areas where we believe the most impact towards our purpose can be realized

1. Senior Leaders

We serve senior leaders to craft strategy, shape culture, articulate and activate brands and run the business.

2. Leadership Teams

We facilitate retreats, design meetings, build consensus, cultivate ownership and coach for leadership effectiveness.

3. Boards of Directors

We help Boards engage effectively with management, evaluate their performance, enhance their governance, and set context.

4. Communications that facilitate change

We help determine the “surround-sound” of messages - externally into the market, internally within the organization, in all sorts of media - that together evidence the desired and realized consistency between brand and culture.

Clients usually come to us with one (or more) of five expressed needs

From these initial beginnings, our client engagements usually evolve in three major ways:

  • As advisors to boards of directors
  • As coaches, change architects and co-creators with leaders
  • As facilitators, mentors, and cultivators of teams
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