We focus ourselves and our expertise in four areas where we believe the most impact towards our purpose can be realized

1. Senior Leaders

We serve senior leaders to craft strategy, shape culture, articulate and activate brands and run the business.

2. Leadership Teams

We facilitate retreats, design meetings, build consensus, cultivate ownership and coach for leadership effectiveness.

3. Boards of Directors

We help Boards engage effectively with management, evaluate their performance, enhance their governance, and set context.

4. Communications that facilitate change

We help determine the “surround-sound” of messages - externally into the market, internally within the organization, in all sorts of media - that together evidence the desired and realized consistency between brand and culture.

Clients usually come to us with one (or more) of five expressed needs

Expressed Need Outcomes (What We Help With)
To Think
I need someone to think with, who will challenge my ideas, bring their own and be the sounding board I value
An effective collaborative relationship that leads the leader (often the CEO) to clarity of thought, and breadth of perspective and resolution to act. Often we hear, “you have a way of both challenging my thinking and reframing ideas in a way that is very helpful."
To Develop Teams
I need a leadership team (or board) that thinks better and acts more effectively together
An aligned team (or board), effectively implementing agreed strategy. Often we hear, “we would not have got there without your help, thank-you!”
To Evaluate
We need to understand our impact on our people
360 reports and feedback and organizational surveys that yield insight, build confidence and through concerted action, lead to changed behavior. Often we hear, “that instrument or assessment gave us new insight we did not have before”.
To Be Coached
I need someone to go and work with…
After the inevitable, “Hi, your boss sent me, I’m here to help...” conversation, trust is built and a coaching/change agent relationship ensues. Often we hear, “you manage to walk the line between many relationships at once, and still I can trust you.”
To Facilitate
We need a facilitator, moderator, neutral third party, advisor, etc, to design and lead a workshop, meeting, conference, strategic plan process, change initiative … and so on
Once we establish objectives before agendas, some of the most productive meetings our clients have ever experienced are delivered. Often we hear, “that was one of the best meetings we have had; I can hardly believe that we got that much done!”

From these initial beginnings, our client engagements usually evolve in three major ways:

  • As advisors to boards of directors
  • As coaches, change architects and co-creators with leaders
  • As facilitators, mentors, and cultivators of teams