Julian graduated from McMaster university (2013) with a BSc (with Honours), a minor in philosophy and a great interest in Classical cultures- the roots of Western culture.  After two years of practical ‘hands-on’ work in commercial construction, Julian knew his talents would be best suited in a more conceptual field so he returned to graduate school.

After three years in Vancouver, at Regent College, Julian is back in Ontario where he is completing the final requirements for a Master of Arts.  It was at Regent College that Julian was able to refine his skills as a writer and synthesizer of information.  It was also at Regent that Julian learned to appreciate the need for an understanding and development of human identity and purpose in business organizations.



In 2018, he joined Change Alliance where his creative and interpersonal skills, as well as interest, can best be put to use in serving clients as they define and live out their purpose and identity, both as businesses and non-for-profits.

Julian has a personal desire to help businesses and their leaders find, articulate and live out their real purpose, by facilitating harmonious yet fruitful conversations between viewpoints and positions that create and sustain the sub-cultures, in any organization, that really drive meaningful change.  When he is not with clients Julian can be found on the family farm or finishing the house he has been building.

Chris and his wife Jeannie also operate Nassagaweya - The Retreat, a conference and retreat centre located on a 90+ acre farm – a space which is an extension of their home and a place where rich and often transforming dialogue happens - and grandchildren can be found at play.

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