While our engagements with clients will vary, the range of outcomes we strive for have the following similarities:

You will be empowered

We equip you and your team to think and make decisions yourselves. True, we teach you new concepts and ask the tough questions. We also challenge your initial answers, pushing you to reach for greater insight and clarity.

You will face reality

We allow our clients to confront reality. We all know that Directors face conflicting loyalties and expectations every day. For example, Directors must seek the very best candidate to lead a business, and then subject that person to constant scrutiny on behalf of the shareholder. Directors recruited to give supportive advice or to share business contacts must also question, challenge and assess management decisions and actions. We counsel Directors to define and address these conflicts – explicitly. We also help them face up to the Director’s reality of scarce time, drive by rising demand and limited supply.

You will manage conflict

Most of us have grown up fearing conflict. Conflict is, however, an important source of information, without which our decisions would be less rich. We create a safe environment in which our clients can use conflict creatively, build their skills, and feel and be more successful.

You will learn how to build organizational capability

We believe that the solutions lie in the people themselves. We help them to identify and strengthen both the competencies that are currently critical for success and those that will be needed in the future.

You will learn how to cope with change

Large-scale change programs face daunting odds. Sustained success depends on growth in leaders at all levels, who see the change as their creation, not a program imposed on them by others. We do offer and teach frameworks, tools, and concepts for client teams to apply. We do challenge their initial thinking, so your people will make it better. We do suggest how to expand on and exploit their own ideas. Still, our clients always keeps the leadership of change – of deciding and of taking action – squarely in their own hands. We support our clients to grow more capable and self-sufficient, throughout our relationship.

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