Thoughts on … Integrity

Numerous characteristics of leaders have been selected as central to the role of leadership. We choose to work with leaders who have embraced two, in particular; personal integrity and courage. As change agents we are, first of all, servants of our clients. Our impact can only be through them and we are only as good, in terms of results, as our clients. Since we are deeply committed to finding and engaging what we call “truth”, we seek out clients who are, in the final analysis, more interested in their personal integrity than they are in their commercial or reputational success. Often our clients find success in the terms that many would recognize but it derives not from their intentional manipulation or exploitation of others but from their restless pursuit of being real and authentic as leaders. Such seemingly naïve optimism comes not from a failure to recognize that commercial success is often fraught with moral challenge but from a choice that if we choose what is higher, loftier, more noble, then perhaps more of that will emerge.

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