We have learned from many years of experience in the design and facilitation of workshops and various meetings that place and atmosphere goes a long way to help stimulate and spark successful, important conversation. In fact, the place and setting of a workshop or meeting can “set the stage” and produce positive outcomes that any facilitator (no matter how skilled) would be challenged to reproduce.

abbeyInspired in part by this belief, over a number of years we gradually built our own facility for workshops and retreats to serve our clients and others.  This spacious, private, peaceful setting on a unique, fully updated 1800’s farmstead just west of Toronto offers both the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere of a home while also providing the space, focus and effectiveness of a meeting site. Deep and insightful conversations often unfold here, and our returning guests often say things like, “there’s just something about this place…”

For more information, visit www.theretreat.ca or contact jean@changealliance.com.