We exist to encourage and help leaders to build and sustain businesses that know and pursue their telos – a unique “purpose-for-others.”

We challenge and equip leaders to, “Grow on Purpose,” and to build the key organizational elements of brand and culture around that purpose. The purposeful enterprises that these leaders create will shape our society and the future for the better. They will be trusted and authentic. They will also be profitable, but most of those profits will be reinvested in order to increase delivery of the telos.

From the vision of Chris Houston and Morrey Ewing in the early 1990’s, The Change Alliance was formed to create a small group of consultants who were, first of all, servants of their clients while also sharing unique, specific expertise. Others have joined in along the way, but led by Chris, we remain motivated by the same lasting vision: building personal relationships through which we deliver business results for our clients through “personal” service by being real and transparent persons, with specific gifts to be sure.