Dan enjoys partnering and walking alongside his clients working towards a better business landscape. He is experienced in empowering teams and individuals to drive a change process within a training environment. He looks to derive support, potential, and meaning to those he works with.

Having worked as a marketing director and general manager for a franchise company in the United States, he has worked on creating unity and clarity within teams and systems. As a consultant for the Change Alliance, he has worked with a broad range of clients from large publicly traded organizations to local businesses. Dan is driven by his analytical mind which allows him to tenaciously search for core problems and solutions to propel clients’ organizations forward.

Dan Lovero


Dan graduated first with a B.Sc in Accounting and Finance at Eastern University before completing his MBA at Schulich School of Business in 2017.

Dan completed his undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance at Eastern University. Upon completing his education, Dan worked throughout accounting, finance, marketing, operation, and management in both the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds. As he progressed in his career, he saw a need to sharpen his qualitative skills and completed his Master of Business Administration at Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Ontario. He finished with specializations in strategy, branding and marketing communications. During his years in academia, he was able to refine his skills, grow his network and deepen his knowledge in qualitative and quantitative areas to better assist his clients.

In addition to his work with the Change Alliance, Dan is a director of BNR Media Group, a creative agency based in Guelph. Dan also serves as the Treasurer of the Board at 10C Shared Space.

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