TELOSITY is a word we invented  to convey the accelerating movement of a business towards its telos (its “purpose-for-others”). With the usage of the suffix “–ity,” meaning “state or quality” the word “telosity” describes being in a “state of telos”, which necessitates constant movement toward the fulfillment of that telos. The pronunciation of the word, like “velocity” is intentional and another reference to the movement in a specific direction that telos implies.

A PURPOSEFUL ENTERPRISE continually strives to live out its telos (its unique purpose-for-others), a pursuit which encodes the telos into the identity of the organization as both the culture (where the telos can be clearly and truthfully lived out), and the brand (where the telos can be clearly and truthfully expressed externally).

In other words, Purposeful Enterprises gain Telosity.

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