From the beginnings of human social order, there have been rules to guide conduct. People, defined by their laws, are distinct from another people. So it is in businesses. The rules of conduct both expressed in written and spoken language and in the loud “silence” of career advancements and eyebrow frowns, are often firmly fixed.… Read More

Simon Sinek has said it well, and simply: “start with why” and “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. Yes, purpose matters, has always mattered, but now, it matters a lot more. Why? In the West, we are fast losing confidence in many of our institutions. The church was first… Read More

From the first hot metal searing cattle hides to the sophisticated digitally-fueled communications of today, brands speak claim to identity. Whether embedded in a 30-second TV spot, subliminally appearing in entertainment or making entry to a plethora of digital media, the Brand is the intended symbol or icon of another reality, the promise that lives… Read More

We are hearing this word “authentic” more and more. In recent discussions with the truth-demanding under-35s, the millenials, I hear an insistent demand for authenticity – to be what you really are. Their outrage is not at the truth of the organization’s purpose, but at its falsehood. Pretending one reality but living another. Brand –… Read More

Leaders are people with one essential characteristic – followers. They are known not by their status, or their skills or by even their noble intention, but by their fruit. Leaders do not exist without followers. Theirs is a social calling; skilled and masterful to be sure, but essentially human, more particularly, leaders are persons for… Read More